Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy, Happy and Healthy!

I continue to try and find ways to reconcile what I see and what's to come. So rather than keep dwelling on that, I'm going to focus on the here and now and just love every minute of this smiling little goober.

Right now, Will is a little crazy boy who is healthy and happy. Even when he is sick, he usually is happy. This past weekend we spent Saturday at my parents house with family, including his cousin Carson who is a year older than Will. Needless to say, when these guys get together, it's usually pretty fun. After dinner and dessert, the sugar kicked in high gear.

In other unrelated news, for some unknown reason I agreed to be on the planning committee for the upcoming Energy For Life walk on Sat. Feb. 4, 2012. Our first planning meeting is Wed. night. What have I gotten myself into!?!?

It's just too hot outside, so mom says, "baseball inside!" I think Will just loves the bat.

Waffle batter at Papa and DeeDee's. Yummy.

And here is when the sugar kicked in post dinner and pre-bath!

Post-bath time with cousin Cameron "baby" and Carson
My new favorite book... you guessed it! Barney! This one is Barney on the Farm courtesy of Aunt Lisa. We've read it EVERY night, multiple times each night....

Loving on "Bar Bar" aka Barney and  babbbyyyyy

And we're done with the baby doll and its demonic eyes.


  1. Love the pics! Those boys are crazy together; monkey see, monkey do :)

  2. I wish I could have been there...they are too funny! I love the picture of him in his chair - so precious! Maybe I can get down there and read the book to him myself - glad he liked it!

  3. Kate Philley StarnesAugust 17, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    What wonderful pictures!!!

  4. These are my favorite photos so far! Again, what a gorgeous little boy. We are hoping to come to visit yall soon. Let's talk about some dates that are good for ya'll. All our love, as always! Lisa, A.J. and Anna James

  5. Maybe this time I can post a comment. I am sooo technologically challenged. Last comment I made it was signed as Mom,I knew you wouldn't know who I was so I erased it. Edited my google account, so we will see if I did it right. Anyway the pictures are fabulous!! He is so darn cute!! Count us in for the walk (don't think that comment got posted either)We all need to get together soon. We never got around to scheduling a swim party. This summer just flew by. We love ya'll and you are always in our thoughts and prayers