Monday, August 29, 2011

Things that Go Bump in the Night

So Neil and I were on the couch working tonight... and we heard a big thud from Will's room. Apparently we now know what a 30 pound kid falling out of bed sounds like. By the time we made it in there he was sitting up on the floor looking a little bewildered.

I rocked him for a few minutes and then he returned to the scene of the crime... bed.... he hustled over towards the far back corner and curled up.

We took the front of his crib off more than a week ago so now he has a "big boy" bed. We have been pretty proud of him though. He's done a great job not rolling out and he hasn't been night walking, which is what I was most worried about.

This was a picture taken via Grandma's cell phone on the big day we removed the rail.

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  1. My gosh he's big! I guess that's what happens in a years time, they grow:) can't wait to see him!