Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Few of Will's Favorite Things...

1. New shoes: Shoving Will's "boots" into a pair of shoes is one of the toughest daily tasks. You have to really have a good, flat, wide and easy to wear pair of shoes. So, he's only had one type of shoe since the leg braces. Well, the white "orthopedic" looking new balances were getting nasty so we got Will a new "sporty" pair of shoes. He's been pretty excited showing his news shoes off.

2. Hot pads. Pronounced "haat paad" - one of the most entertaining options to play with in the house. He gets one out, then needs more and more till he's got all of them out. He even brings them with him in the car...OK, I let him bring them with him.

3. Chocolate Milk. Pronounced "choc nilk" - it's the only way we can get the Miralax down. He loves it and it's no longer a fight. Whew! We saw a GI specialist who sees a lot of Mito kids last Monday and he thought we were doing the right thing with the Miralax. It was nice to hear that because half the time I wonder.

4. Barney. He is in lovvveee with "Bar Bar" - there is a song and the verse is 'hop hop hop all over the place, shake your dino tail while you make a funny face' The way he sings it goes "hop hop hop place" then he shakes his booty and puts his hands up to his face to make a funny face.

5. His teachers at school. I think this is a whole family love. If it wasn't for his amazing teachers at school, this would be an even harder situation. They always have such a happy, awesome and can-do attitude about Will and ALWAYS are helping watch to make sure Will chews his food and doesn't fall and hurt himself. It gives Neil and I such comfort in knowing that Will is surrounded by people that love him and only want the best for him. In alphabetical order :-) Ms. Janet, Ms. Joanne, Ms. Maria are his primary teachers this year, but Ms. Judi, Ms. Kristy and Ms. Monica always have a kind word and happy face for him. Who am I kidding, ALL the teachers are so sweet to Will.

We're gearing up this week to get ready for Stanford. We leave a week from today. I'm sure this week will be busy busy.

It's just so dang hot right now. I mean, HOT. Straight days of 100 degree weather. I'm so so so ready for some cooler weather that I thought I'd pull an old picture of Will at his first pumpkin patch. He was about 6 months old.

Love Lori


  1. So precious! I love pumpkin pictures and just lookng at it does make it "feel cooler"! Prayers for a great trip to Stanford. Hoping it is very beneficial for all of you!

  2. I love reading about Will. I wish I lived next door so I could experience all of the small moments of his life. I miss you guys. Hopefully we can see you before your leave for the big trip!