Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brain Scan - EPI-743

The super smart radiologist, Dr. Blankenberg who figured this whole brain scan thing out, works with Dr. Enns in the study and reviewed Will's brain scan. Dr. Enns was able to catch up with us on Friday between blood sampling and went over the results with us as well.

I know this is baseline, but it's still hard to hear: “William has a lack of uptake in the central gray and cerebellum, with a normal cortical uptake except in the temporal lobe.”

All that means that his picture was "dim" as it should be since Complex 5 isn't working correctly. I continue to remind myself that this is good. His brain in general is very healthy. Dr. Enns said his cognitive part works great.

The baseline spect isn’t very informative until we can compare to Week 13, but just wanted to pass on the update. 

It should and must be noted, we received results in less than 24 hours. This alone made my day. I figured as with previous tests this would be weeks....

I just love this picture from Muir Woods. Will has the most innocent heart and him hooking his finger through the knot in the wood just reminded me to stop and sniff the roses, so to speak. Would love to hear what makes you stop and sniff the roses..... I uploaded the pictures from our trip, you can see them all here.

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  1. What makes me stop and smell the roses is watching my awesome daughter and son in law handle the worst of worst situitions in such an incredible way. You and Neil are an example to the world!! My heart is heavy and full of pride to be your MOM and in law. Love to all DeeDee