Saturday, September 10, 2011

Noooo... Ho-tel...

Saturday morning we got the ever startling wake up call about 6 a.m. and made it down to breakfast by 7 a.m. Left for the airport about 8:00 a.m. for a 10:50 a.m. flight. We knew with all the terrorist "stuff" we wanted to get an early start. Mostly because we had a cooler full of drugs on ice (hehe) to get through security.

The airport was packed. I mean, packed. The lines to check in moved quickly, but it was full throttle at the airport. Neil's parents had some problems checking their bags and had to repeat the process, (don't ask... it was ridiculous). Meanwhile, Neil, Will and I went to the special "kids and family" line in security. We were like, yeahh! All right, two families ahead of us, this will help bypass the 200 people in line at regular security. Ha, boy were we wrong. Pat and Ed beat us. There were two families in front of us. Major irritation, but oh well.

We had to dump out stuff from the toy backpack for security check, but luckily the "you open this bag, you'll kill this boy" letter from Dr. Enns at Stanford worked on our astute TSA agent (note, sarcasm here) and we made it through security without too much hassle. After that I could have cared less what happened.

I just have to say, how on Earth did Pat and Ed go through bag check twice, wait in a 200 person security line and still get through quicker than the two families in front of us. I'm not sure I see the point here, but whatever, this is why I don't work for TSA. We got to stand there and watch the girl and guy TSA agent flirt with each other and laugh while we all stood there trying to understand why it was so hard to push bins through a scanner and take your shoes off.

I digress, back to getting our cooler of drugs home. Will was a tad fussy on the beginning part of the flight, it didn't help that we had some delays on take off. You know it's not good when they page "if there is a nurse or dr. on board, please come to the center of the cabin" Back in row 39 of 40, we assumed someone was puking because the airport "hazmat" team was on board and cleaning as we landed in Houston.

We said our goodbyes to Pat and Ed as they had a connecting flight to San Antonio, headed to baggage claim and met my parents down there for our chauffeured trip home. Talk about awesome. We were able to take Will out there and he played with my parents while we got the luggage.

Sidebar, I hate the 50 pound weight limit on suitcases, why make suitcases that big if you can't use every square inch of space. This could easily turn into a TSA rant, perhaps I should change the title of the post. I am very proud of myself though, I screwed it up on the leg to Cali and had to move stuff around in the suitcases while we're standing there trying to check in. Luckily, the baggage agent likes to round down on the scales, 50.5 pounds (who doesn't?). Then on the return trip home, I was half a pound under 50 on each suitcase. If you can't tell, I'm an over packer. Neil knows this and being the loving husband he is, doesn't say too much about it and still lugs these bags all over the place. I keep trying to pack less. That's another post.

So, we're home now, we've now administered three doses of EPI-743. If we see any physical improvement, it likely won't be till 6 weeks or later. It takes some time to sink into the system and work.

Lots of laundry to do, including a few Will sized Stanford t-shirts. We had quite the welcome home package from my sister Julie and her family. We've been enjoying some really delicious peanut butter and chocolate cookies. Will didn't mind either.


  1. We are so happy the family is home safe and sound! I couldn't go to sleep without reading your posts and enjoying your precious pictures! The entire Martin family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Mrs. Edwards, you really have no idea how that Barney Goes to the Firehouse DVD saved us. I think we watched it at least 10 times in the car as we drove all over northern Cali. It's a 45 min DVD! Neil and I have every song memorized now. :-) Lori

  3. So glad yall are home safe! We'll be praying that the drugs do their thing!! XOXO