Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Request

Did you know that Mitochondrial diseases are as common as childhood cancer? Wow! Neither would I ever wish on my worst enemy (hopefully I don't have any either). But, wow! I think about how much awareness exists on childhood cancer and then alternatively on mito disorders. The divide is a big gaping hole. What's even more interesting is that they have actually pinpointed where and how mitochondria work in our body and theoretically the problem. There's just no fix - yet.

And hence, the continued need for Mito Awareness Week. So many of you have offered to help and lend support. Well, here's your big chance :-) Will needs your help to raise awareness so that one day, a cure might exist.

All I'm asking you do is become a fan of the UMDF Facebook fan page AND send an email to three people who you know we don't know and ask them to do the same. If you don't like Facebook, you can just subscribe to our blog. :-)

I've even done all the hard work for you!!  Below, you will find an email that you can copy and send to three people. :-)

Hi X,
I hope this email finds you well. One of my friend's 2 ½ year old son Will was diagnosed on July 5 with a life changing disease called Leigh’s Disease. It’s a very rare neurometabolic disorder in the mitochondrial disease family. The easiest way to explain is that this particular manifestation of the disease causes lesions on the brain and eventually the brain will stop functioning so on and so forth. There is no cure or suppressant. It’s unlikely he will live to see his teenage years.

This news wass obviously more than crushing to their family as he is their only child. While Will has a mild form and is currently quite healthy and the cognitive pieces of his brain do not appear to be affected ye, we know this won’t last forever, so they enjoy every minute. You can find out more about their story if you choose on their blog,

Did you know that Mitochondrial Diseases are as prevalent as childhood cancer? Probably not. That's why the week of Sept. 19 – 23 is the annual awareness week for the disease. As a sign of support to their family, they asked me consider doing two things this week in honor of Will and the whole mitochondrial family:
-Like the United Mitochondrial Foundations Facebook page
-Send three friends an email telling them why you liked it and asking them to do the same.

So I have chosen you. I hope you will consider liking the UMDF Facebook page and sending this to three of your friends. If you don't like Facebook, you can always just visit or subscribe to their blog.


Monday's Mito takeaway: Gosh, if you need me to spell it out for you.... No one knows about Mito -SEND SOMEONE AN EMAIL! :-)


  1. Well, my homework is done! I just wish there was something more I could do. I will keep spreading the word though. Love you guys, Lisa

  2. Thanks Aunt Leesaaa I knew I could count on the teacher in you to do a homework assignment. :-) Love ya! Lori

    Thank you to everyone who took action and did whatever they felt called to do.

  3. I sent some emails and posted about it on my blog so hopefully my blog followers will come your way too! Love yall!!!! XOXO