Sunday, December 18, 2011

Go Lady Highlanders Soccer!

My sister Julie was previously a soccer and volleyball coach as well as biology teacher at The Woodlands High School. She still keeps in touch with the coaches and some of the players.

This year, for the Lady Highlanders Soccer Program annual service project they decided to raise money and purchase toys for families who have a child with Mito and donated nearly $1,000 worth of toys to the UT Mitochondrial Center of Excellence.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I never realized how hard and lonely the holidays can feel, even when you're surrounded by love, family, friends and Will... I'm sure this gift helped ease the burden of many families.

Merry Christmas!

Loaded to the top

The awesome Mito team, Dr. Koenig is on the right.


  1. that is awesome!! what a wonderful project.

  2. How wonderful!! It helps to know there are so many caring people out there!

  3. It really is awesome. I continue to be amazed and inspired by people. It restores some of my faith in humanity.