Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it home, I think this trip was a bit much. It was just so much crammed into such a short time period. I think we're all glad to be home. I'm going to do a "week in photos" for this post. Much more entertaining than long explanations on brain scans.

I left off with pictures from this post...

Our bag full of used EPI-743. Turned them all in and we no longer have to record all our doses. Proud to say we never missed one!

"Hmmm, I guess I'll do this next test. I mean, I already got two stickers, why not shoot for four? I'm here aren't I?"

Just chilling... waiting for the brain scan... Sedated of course.

Wake up my little angel!

Not happy. Someone did not apply the urine capture bag correctly.

Our awesome nurse! She even remembered us from last time.

A new man post-hospital. With reindeer antlers and showing off his stickers.

Dr. Enns, Will, me and Katherine - study coordinator. Happy to have smart people on our side.

Momentous occasion - eating chips without choking!

Got in some play time before and after dinner on Friday.

No trip to Cali is complete without firetrucks.

Skin biopsy. Already healed up.

I have no idea where Will got this hand on the hip move. Couldn't be from me...

Santa was arriving in our airport terminal. So there was plenty to do while we waited for the airplane. Sadly, Santa didn't arrive while we were there.

And of course, we had to sit in the other chair for Mrs. Claus

Whew. I'm tired, are you?


  1. I have a feeling the hands on the hips move might be from his cousin :) I think that is a highstepper move ") Too funny! Looks like a fun filled trip.

    Aunt Julie

  2. Will, and your family, are in our prayers everyday. These kiddos just amaze me with their spirit & strength despite the battles they must endure! Love the antlers!!

  3. I was actually thinking of the same thing Julie said... :) The pictures were too cute - I can't get enough of them!

  4. Will is looking so great, I am so glad you guys are seeing the improvements everyday...brain scan smrain scan:)
    Thinking of you often,

  5. Lori, you should be a professional picture caption-er...if there was such a job. You make me smile with every post, which is difficult to do given the subject matter. I love the pic of will contemplating taking another test to add to his sticker collection. I'm fairly certain that was exactly what he was thinking judging by that adorable facial expression. He is so precious!