Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the season for snot

This is a jumbled mess, but just some random health / Will updates.

Snot. It made an appearance last week and I have kicked it's butt. Knock on wood.... Last Monday Will woke up with "ear snot" coming out of his right ear tube. I just decided to just show up at the pedi's office when they opened and politely tell them that they needed to look at this kid RIGHT NOW or he will have to go to the hospital. A tad dramatic, but it worked.

Diagnosis: Right ear infection. His left ear was a little red, but not inflamed or infected. So we started on ear drops for his right ear and meds to clear it all up. He might have had a sinus infection too because I noticed his snot went from green to clear after starting the antibiotics.

So far so good. Have I mentioned how much Will hates Nose Frida now? I still use it and it does the job. It's gross, but it keeps him less snotty and that's a good thing for everyone. He also hates the antibiotics he is on so that's a fun fight twice a day. I save it till the end of all his medicine so he isn't mad the whole time he's sitting there while I shove multiple syringes down his throat and drops in his ear.

Potty training. Continues to continue as do the accidents. I think he sometimes just has a hard time when his energy level is low. Can't get every part of his body to do what he wants. This weekend he did awesome thought! Only 1 or 2 accidents and he even managed to do a couple of BM's on the potty! He'll get it, might just take us a bit. Meanwhile, I'm washing clothes like I've never washed before.

Therapy continues to go well as does chewing. We all are getting a little braver in this new world of chewing.

Send a couple of prayers to the big guy upstairs that Will has a healthy winter. It's scary to think that one little fever or virus could send him straight to the hospital again and that he might not recover well. Meanwhile, we'll keep pulling out the hand sanitizer, taking meds and vitamins and keeping germs at bay as much as possible.

Our kitchen counter - just kidding!

The other day he did something I've not really seen him do before, he conspired. :-) I went out to load the car for the morning and he and Neil were in the entry way hanging out. He started to hide behind the door and then yelled BOO right as I walked in. It's awesome to see him getting to that next level of awareness and thought processing. 


  1. making wishes that that snot hits the highway and will is happy and healthy. FYI, there are studies that show chocolate given after antibiotics staves off diarrhea. sounds like I'm being snarky, but its true! our pediatrician told us to give one hershey's kiss or piece of dark chocolate after giving the antibiotic. the last time they were on it, I did that and we didn't have any diarrhea AND they liked taking the medicine because they got chocolate after. Win win.

  2. I actually love Will on antibiotics - it helps him have BMs without constipation! Also, speaking of dark chocolate, Dr. Enns at Stanford actually told us he sees research that indicates dark chocolate is really good for you - like 60-75% cocoa is the best.

  3. The next time I see you, I'll give you my giving medicine tips because I was the parent of the World's Worst Medicine Patient. My little Caroline was the sweetest, happiest child until she had to take medicine for frequent ear infections. Until I learned some ways to disguise it, I wore more of it than I got in her! LOL!