Wednesday, February 1, 2012

31 Flavors and Eating

Thank you all so very much for your support! Last night at Baskin-Robbins, the line was long, the kids were on a sugar high and the adults were very giving. Through a donation jar and the 20% of proceeds on purchases, we raised a little more than $1,200. This should bode well in helping us exceed the $15,000 goal for the upcoming walk.

The super friendly Baskin-Robbins scoopers and the store manager, Shawn (upper right). If you go into the store, please tell them thank you!

If all these medical bills ever put us in a cardboard box, we'd have a great little beggar. Will snitched icecream off everyone there, including Dee Dee.

This exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations. Thank you all so much for posting on Facebook, telling friends and showing up, despite the rain and general yuckiness of the day.
A special, gigantic thank you to Beth Williams, Elyssa Horvath and my mom! They surprised me with green wristbands that say “Where There’s a Will… There’s a Way” to help raise money and awareness. Without these three ladies, last night’s event would have not even happened. Thank you so very much.
Thanks to those who have signed up to walk and/or contribute to the Energy For Life walk. I can’t believe it’s on Saturday! Shout outs to the Sims’ (Josh & Sheila), the Tsai’s (Ken and Janae) and the Murphy’s (Daniel and Sara) that have collectively raised nearly $4,200. WOW! That’s an incredible amount of money and we so appreciate your efforts.
Aneesh, Meenal & Anand Balakrishnan
Crystal Cao
Paul Cheng
Sophia Cheng
Chad Gardner
Davin Huang
Peter Lee
Mike, Amber, Evan & Cade Lewis
Annie Lin
Karen Lin
Rochelle McCall
Benjamin Ong
Jared Parcell
Matt Parcell
Dani Ramirez
Amanda Royle-Squires
Bill & Carolyn Schoenfield
Jaedeanne & Ruby Shaver
Tony Shelton
Lindsey Thomas
Anthony Tsuei
Clint Woods
My lame attempt to get some protein in Will before all the sugar.

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  1. It was awesome! I loved seeing all the strangers who came just to show support too. Restores your faith in humanity when you get to feel all that love. Will wins everyone over of course ;) I'm not surprised he's a successful moocher ;)