Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ears Update

Monday, Feb 13 - Hospital admission
Tuesday, Feb 14 - Discharged
Friday, Feb. 17 - Pediatrician ear check; showed that the infection was still there and should have been looking much much better by then. So, we added an additional antibiotic
Tuesday, Feb. 21 - Go back to the pedi to get the ears check. It's in the process of healing, but not totally done. After some discussion, we decided we had a lot of things working in our favor: the pedi said we could basically show up whenever we want on Friday and Saturday morning and he would work us in; his snot wasn't green anymore, we still had the antibiotics from the hospital through Thursday and his gait seemed to be improving. So, we will watch Will closely and on...
Monday, Feb. 27 - consult with ENT doctor who apparently works closely with Dr. K. and "gets it"

If I had my wish, we'd have tubes put in on Tuesday, Feb. 28. HA! I'm just hoping that his ears. I'm ready for this little ear-ittating (get it, irritating? haha) adventure to end.

Will also needs to get some listening ears. Our little buddy has been putting on quite the "terrible twos" show and we're cracking down at home and school. He was in time out multiple times this morning and twice at school. When I picked him up today, I sat down at a table with one of his teachers and Will and we had a little chat about putting on some listening ears. We'll see how that works out. 

Age 9 months - when Will had his first ear tubes put in. And also sported quite the mohawk.


  1. Sorry yall are having ear trouble!! That picture is so precious!! Hope he's doing better!!

  2. Sweetheart will is still there even without his "listening ears". Every day this week I've seen him he has had to make a special trip over to see Erik in order to hug him. It's sooooooo sweet!

    BTW-Kat had an extreme meltdown yesterday when we dropped her off mid morning which Monica can attest to. It was collossal in its magnitude of drama.

  3. FWIW its worth I think the "terrible twos" are a crock and its really the terrible threes. Two year olds are very unreasonable and throw fits, but they are also easily distracted. 3 yr olds hold fast to their ridiculous decisions. 3 is/was by far the most stubborn tantrum age for both of my kids.

    Also, random aside. I started watching "the secret life of the american teenager" on netflix watch instantly, and the character of Jack reminds me of Neil. I imagine that Neil probably looked like him in high school. The actor is named Greg Finley. I just googled it. Am I nuts or do you see it too? I am choosing this link because I love that the site is called "teenidols4you" HAHAHA.