Monday, March 5, 2012

Health update

We are set for ear tubes surgery on Thursday, April 5. Unless something goes seriously wrong between now and then. It's just a day surgery and he will be put under anesthesia. The last time he did great, minus his first and only a$$-plotion of poop before the surgery.

The BMs continue as well! TMI and don't read it if you're grossed out by poop, but he literally had three feet of poop on Saturday.

It seems like Will really turned the corner recently. After a month or two of green snot, it's all cleared up, his BMs are on the serious uptick and his gait is getting better. The weight belt really seems to help give him more balance so we've been trying to wear that more at home too.

Let's hope and pray for a good health streak. The next two months will bring many changes for therapy. Our ECI services will end on his 3rd birthday (April 24) so I'm exploring new options. If anyone has suggestions happy to have them. We're looking for PT home health services and aquatic therapy. Right now, I've got us on the wait list at the Care Group of Texas for both.

We go in on Tuesday for 3 month labs for the EPI-743 trial and a hearing test. We have to do a hearing test before the ear tubes and then again after.

"Foot ball player" - Bike helmet, winter gloves, PJ shirt and of course, the football.

Tackling mom!


  1. Just popped on here after a hiatus - Will definitely is looking healthier lately! Fingers crossed all goes well and the tubes can go in as planned. Big two months ahead for you guys with all the changes.

  2. Great news! Crossing my fingers that things keep on looking up and the surgery gets to go on as planned. This weather has been amazing! So glad we're getting a little less snot/cold/flu cold weather and not right into the too hot for will to be comfortable weather. Adorable pics, as always!