Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleep Study

Great news! Sleep study results are in and everything is normal. I had done a very nice long post about our overnight trip for this sleep study and thanks to technology, it magically disappeared.

The really awesome news is that we had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow to hear all the results. Instead of just showing up for the news, I called to see if we could cancel the appointment if the results were normal. Boom! Normal results, no appointment. So happy.

Here are some pics from the sleep study where "Doctor Boy" our technician hooked Will up...

Getting started

Birds eye view of his head. They just put a gummy / gel like substance on his head that attached the electrodes. Kind of cool, but not really if you're the one wearing it.

Seriously, it looked like an electricians toolbox.

The final result - that nose thing was to measure breathing output. The mesh netting on his head was his "football helmet" that we said how cool he gets to sleep in a football helmet. Yeah, he didn't buy that.

You get kicked out about 6 a.m. This was the departure photo.

That's right folks... you go get hooked up to all that stuff, are supposed to sleep normally and then get woken up at 6 a.m. with the bright overhead lights and they rip electrodes off your skin. Sounds like our kind of party.

Of course Will was a champ! He and "doctor boy" our technician got along well and we left with 4 stickers and a chocolate milk. 


  1. I don't know if saying that I'm laughing at the departure photo is PC or not, but goodness you can see EXACTLY how Will is feeling there! He is definitely a champ - glad to hear the results were normal *and* that you didn't have to go in to the appointment!

  2. oh my gosh...thank goodness kids can sleep through almost anything! There is no way I would have sleep a minute with all of that gear on! Great Job Will!!


  3. I just want to say Congrats to Will - if it would have been me - I would have bitten "doctor boy" and known that I would not be getting stickers! Great pictures of the get up - I think it looks more like a "twisted" astronaut outfit. Ms.V

  4. oh man, Milena did this too. I have some CRAZY photos. the 6am wake up is the WORST. they are so abrupt. its like super bright and "don't let the door hit you on the way out..." haha. we had a horrid night's sleep too. its just crazy. and every time she had to go potty, we had to unclip those wires and I had to hold that huge tendril of electrodes above her. she looked like one of those old time-y scuba divers! so patient. she cooperated with everything because I told her she could get a new car if she did well. one of those little crummy CARS diecast McQueens or whatever. At the 6am wake up, she got up all groggy and looking a lot like will in that last pic and said "can I have my car now?" hahahaha. I told her she could have two. lol. what a clusterf#@k;) and YAY for normal results!

  5. You do not know me, but I am praying for you and your sweet Will- he is precious!

  6. Really, really glad the sleep study went well. One less thing in your "worry basket!" I can relate! I had to do one myself about 5 years ago and alas . . . now sleep with a CPAP machine. It's crazy that they actually expect you to sleep with all they electronics hooked up, but I guess it did!

  7. So happy you received normal results!!! The word normal is few and far between in our world and it's an amazing feeling when you receive it. What a trooper Will was to make it through, I think the sleep study is by far the test Trace hates the most.

  8. That looks so uncomfortable, poor little guy!! I'm so glad to hear the results are normal though!! YAY!!!!!!