Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Mito Angels...

I didn't know them, won't ever know them and will likely never meet their parents.

A year ago this week, two families both lost their sweet babies to mito. I don't pretend to know how they feel nor try to understand because that's not my place.

I however, have this weird (probably one-sided) connection to them. It's almost like they are role models or mentors and I am sure neither realize it. I soak up their blog entries in what I would assume is in a not appropriate way. I'm trying to figure out how to do this. How do they handle it? How did they handle it? What lessons are their angels teaching them and therefore teaching others? Other families? Other strangers, like me?

I've been told that Will has already taught people so much. I know he's taught us more than I will ever grasp.

Sending happy thoughts, peaceful prayers and good vibes to their families during this difficult week and the days and years to come. Please join me if you so desire.


  1. I too am a voracious blog reader. Looking back at our Mito Journey, I am not sure if we would have coped nearly as well if Mito families had not shared their lives so openly and graciously through their blogs.

    My heart to is heavy today thinking about a Mito angel. I too have no idea how I could possibly tell the family how deeply I care about them without even knowing them- how much their son has touched me,my family and friends. How their son made a difference in the Mito world, how he taught his Drs. to be better Drs. which benefits my daughter and other children with Mito. We owe their Mito angel our deepest gratitude and thanks. How their family has taught us to be stronger and braver.

    Sometimes I do feel like perhaps I am stalking, when I am waiting for one of my bloggers to post, but mostly I feel very fortunate that they are willing to help me and all the other mito families on our journeys with their willingness to share their lives with us.

  2. <3 <3 thinking of them and holding them in my heart. <3 <3 its all so hard to fathom and so unfair.


  3. those were supposed to be hearts. I guess blogger hasn't caught up to the fanciness of facebook. big hugs to you!