Wednesday, May 23, 2012


These boots are NOT made for walking...

We went a few weeks ago to a new orthodics company, Hope Orthodics. I really like them a lot and it's worth the trip to The Woodlands. The orthopedist along with Will's physical therapist recommended doing a custom leg brace instead of one off the shelf.

We went yesterday to pick them up and Will really seemed to like the design we picked out - sports theme - with football, baseball, baseball gloves, soccer balls etc.

After the appointment, we met up my mom, dad, sisters and Will's cousins for dinner at Fuddruckers and he seemed to be walking really well in them. He had a blast in the arcade area driving cars and goofing off. He ate a great dinner too. Car ride home was full of chatter about the balls on his boots.

Got home and his ankle bones were red/pink. They orthopedist told me that's normal for 20 minutes, but it should not be red after about 20 minutes. Well, they were still pink this morning. Will actually wanted to put them on this morning, but after getting them on it was not pretty. He actually had tears coming down his face and wouldn't walk anywhere.

Luckily, we had an appointment with Will's new PT, Ms. Lauri and she said, no way. Take them off. So, we're back to the old nasty boots till at least next Thursday when we're going back to get them fixed. That was the first mutually agreeable available appointment. It's rather difficult to get up to The Woodlands where this orthodics place is in the middle of the day.

After we took them off this morning Will perked up and seemed to be a lot happier. I'll be curious to see his ankles tonight if they are still pink.

Will sitting in a bumbo in the Orthodics room. It was a tight squeeze and he thought it was hilarious.

New boots!

It's a much harder plastic, so I'm hoping it can just be stretched out or more padding added to protect his little "feet-sies"


  1. Those are so cute- what a bummer they aren't working right now! And the Woodlands- yikes, that is a long drive for you! Hope the next appointment can get everything straightened out and it will be your last for awhile!

  2. It's a bummer that they are causing so much discomfort but your trip up will be another great excuse to get together!

  3. Are those Sure Steps? They look great! Hope they can get them adjusted so he can wear them again!

  4. They are very cute Sure Steps! Or rather than cute maybe I should say handsome. We shall see what next Thursday brings.

  5. Fingers crossed they can be adjusted. Nothing like taking away something your toddler thinks is cool without them understanding really why you're doing it! :-) And btw - how the heck did Will even fit in that Bumbo???!!

  6. OMG, they are adorable. As a mom of a 3 yr old, I know how hard the whole "they look cute but they are actually hurting you so we can't wear the new awesome boots right now" conversation must have been. I've actually learned to get new shoes to put in the closet so that when Vincent outgrows some, I can excite him about the new pair and abscond with the old ones. Because cool shoes, boots, etc. must be worn, even if they don't fit or are otherwise painful. Cause and effect for a three yr old is tenuous at best. When he outgrows his clownfish Nemo converse, oh my word, it will be a struggle to pry them from his little hands. Camoflauge crocs also will be a fight. I think these boys have a little bit of "fashion over function" just like the girls. lmao. Big hugs! Must be frustrating to have to make multiple trips to the orthotics place on top of your already appointment filled life.