Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I've Learned from Will

Gymnastics, music class and puppet shows...

I am so thankful for my reduced work week schedule. In the past few weeks I've been able to watch a full gymnastics class, participate in a music class and watch him enjoy part of a puppet show this morning at school.

What I've learned about Will by watching Will...

Gymnastics - he is a class clown. They all wait in line for their turn and after one of Will's turns he decided to hide under a table. The teacher, Mr. Glass, played right into his little hand and started looking for Will. He burst out from under the table and yelled, "here I am Mista Glass" - everyone started laughing and from there all the children decided to hide under the table after their turn.

Back bend with Mr. Glass

Music class - he (and his daddy) love to move and groove to music. When Ms. Christi gets out the musical instruments I think he was the first person off the ground to go pick one out. That's actually really impressive because it usually takes him quite a bit of time to get off the ground. BTW - Ms. Christi is starting her own music class,, and I HIGHLY recommend trying her demo class on June 2! Will loves her classes and it's fun for parents too.

Ok, so this isn't a picture of music class with Ms. Christi (we have too much fun to take pictures), but of Will singing at the Christmas program at school. He is on the first row by Ms. Maria.

Puppet Shows - he isn't afraid of anything. The story was Sleeping Beauty. Why does my child laugh when the mean which comes on stage? Will isn't afraid of much - witches, doctors and needles scare most of us but Will just saunters right up to the counter.

Mr. Fearless in the hospital back in March.

Will has taught me so much about himself and myself. I know in my heart that he is teaching me so much more than I could have imagined. He is the reason why I know I CAN do this, even though I'd much much rather not. Thank you little bear.


  1. Hey Lori,
    I am signing Vincent up for gymnastics in the Fall. I'm sure he will gladly join in on the hiding under the table bit ;) So glad you are enjoying the lighter work load and able to see your precious man in action. He is a heart stealer. This we can all attest to. Would love to hear more about the puppet show. Vincent came home super mad because HE did not get to do the show. He apparently had planned to be the big bad wolf and "huff and huff and blow dere house down" and did not realize that he would be an AUDIENCE member only. He griped about it for two days (sorry Diane, nice try. next year, Vincent is ready for hire. lol). Your last paragraph touched me deeply (as your posts often do). It reminded me of the motto many families take on in difficult times "I can do hard things." Have you seen/heard this before? You can do hard things, Lori. And we will be there to help abide. Big hugs!

  2. Beth - I'm so glad Vincent is doing gymnastics! They will have loads of fun. The puppet show was hilarious. Maybe Vincent, Will and Milena could do a show this summer. LOL

  3. I love these stories especially that he is a class clown. What a great personality and character that he has!

  4. Lori,
    I think about Will and you and Neil everyday and i remain inspired and in awe. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. We miss seeing you! Let's plan something soon. xoxo