Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little update

A little update...

I knew I was counting my chickens too quickly. Since we started on IVG in late October, Will literally hasn't had a booger.

Well, last week that all changed. Likely we just overdid it that weekend with birthday parties and visiting other friends. Alas, Monday night the snot arrived and during the week so did a very low grade fever, more snot and a puffy looking little guy.

We did his weekly IVG infusion on Wed evening and that actually seemed to help. Now, into this week he is almost back to no snot. I mean I should be thrilled that a) all we're dealing with is snot and b) it's been almost two months since he's dealt with snot. So, I guess I'll call that a win.

New Boots:
We also made a visit to the orthopedics place last week to get Will measured for some new leg braces. If you are ever in need of orthopedics, I highly recommend Hope Orthodics - ask for Jason. It's up near The Woodlands, but worth the drive. He is a former physical therapist so he gets it.

Will "Mr. Curious" was all about helping him make the mold/cast for his new boots and Mr. Jason invited Will to the workshop to see all the tools and how they make the boots. Will was in hog heaven. He's really into tools right now. Every night we read "Old McDonald's Workshop" and he knows all the names of the tools and what you can do with them, sounds etc.

So needless to say, he was excited to see the workshop. The guys back there were showing him all the equipment and Will was naming it all. When they got to the oven the guys jokingly told Will that's where they make the pizzas. Will kind of looked at them like, I don't believe you, but ok.

I finally downloaded videos from our video camera we got in like September... If this doesn't work, bear with me. This was a clip from Christmas Day.


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  1. I love that they showed him all the tools. That is beyond awesome! Sounds like a great place. The video was precious. I love the end too "Lets get back on the driveway." LOL. That is totally me. Michael is all free and cool and I'm like "guys, watch out!" hahaha. Yay for Mama Bears. Your little guy is just so so cute.