Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

I am really not sure where to begin to capture Christmas this year. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...

This year was dramatically different for me than last year. Last year, just a mere five months after Will's diagnosis was Christmas. I was frantic that it was going to be his last one, or if it wasn't his last, it should be the best ever. I was too much of a mess to make it really good, so I just glazed on a smile. Sadly, I don't remember a lot from last year's Christmas. (Thankfully, I blogged about it haha).

This year was really special and amazing for us. Will has been healthy for a long time now (likely because of the IVG drugs) and he was so much fun. He really "got it" this year and it was fun to help him write a letter to Santa, albeit hooked up to the IVG tubes. Seeing the magic of all of it through his eyes made me realize that it doesn't matter if it was his first or last Christmas, what mattered to me was that we had a really good time. For that, I am tremendously thankful.

To kick off the season we did our annual hay ride through the Heights to check out the lights. Will and crew waiting for the hayride to arrive.
Dad and Will on the hayride
A big purple dinasour - ala Will's favorite Barney.
His school's annual Holiday Sing-a-Long

Jingle Bells - Will was hilarious as he was a few words off the song occasionally and you could hear him yelling the words out.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

My little angel :-)
Breakfast with Santa at the Aquarium

Yes, Santa now wears red lipstick

Will's typical "cheese" face

Waiting for the train ride

On the train, not interested in taking anymore photos

With his pal "Murph" on the train. They picked the last bench on the train.
I guess that's where the cool kids still sit.
Will and the two birthday girl's. (My mom and mother in law's birthdays are both Christmas Eve).
Will told me they needed a birthday crown like he gets at school, so we found some special princess crowns for the two lovely birthday girls.

Can't get enough kisses on this guy.
Christmas morning at home. Santa brought Will a race car and a yard tools set - mower, blower, weed eater and chain saw. When we took the tree down, Will promptly went to his room to get the chain saw to "take down the tree".

Blowing all the tinsel off the carpet.

Spiderman sleeping bag from Grandpa and Grandma

Tis the season for tools - he got a drill, ear protectors, sander, tool belt etc from DeeDee and Papa

Spoiled by aunt Lisa and Tom in the firetruck

Inspecting one of cousin Cameron's toys

Will and Carson - nothing but trouble and giggles

Will holding his new cousin, Sophia!

Loved the Christmas tu-tu on Sophia - she is so adorable.

Will wanted to do EVERYTHING for and with baby Sophia, incuding poopoo diapers...

A pretty good Christmas if you ask me!

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  1. Holy Cuteness Batman! He is such a doll. The pics from the sing-a-long are SO cute. I love him getting the chainsaw to cut down the tree. Hilarious. I am glad you got to enjoy this Christmas. Love love love these pics! (p.s. that pic of you with Will on the train is so pretty. WHY is it always the pics where we look good that they don't want to smile for the camera? argh.) Big hugs to you, friend!