Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Help! I need something Spook-tacular!

Ok, blog friends, I can't decide. This coming from the girl who literally, every year, was a witch for Halloween. No tacky jokes are needed here people. (ahem...)

What should we do for Will's Halloween costume? I've asked him multiple times and get different answers... Everything from Barney to Macaroni and Cheese.

Here's what I've come up with so far.
-Fireman: see previous posts as to why
-Doctor: this ones a tad obvious, and perhaps too depressing

What else!?!? My craftiness and budget are is somewhat limited, so let's not get too crazy. And nothing that would be super hot to wear. We don't need an overheated pumpkin. Please post your ideas in the comments area!

I'm really sad though, the Halloween Parade at school is on a morning that he has a doctors appointment with an immunologist. On top of that, I have a work obligation that morning and can't go to the doctor with Neil and Will either. Guess that means we'll have to do some extra special fun on Halloween. :-)

Last year, Will was a pirate (or Italian gondola driver).

Back then he had something called S.P.I.O. suit. It was a black two piece long sleeve shirt and long pants. It was meant to help give him sensory input to help better understand where his body was in relationship to space. It really helped a lot and was the basis of my costume creation. I borrowed a red and white striped shirt from Will's cousin, cut up and knotted one of Neil's old shirts and preso! I think the mustache ala my eyeliner was what made the whole costume.

This was at the Halloween Parade at school.

At the park with Cheerleader Caroline

I couldn't resist... Caroline, her daddy and very pregnant Mommy on the see-saw at the park. Hopefully they don't denounce us as friends or godparents for this picture :-)

And now for a little monkeying around with Will's first Halloween...


  1. I had NO idea that you actually put Will's costume together that year. That was my favorite costume ever (as evidenced by the pictures I took of him). The mustache was sheer genius. I understand why this year its hard to top ;)

    Milena and Vincent are going as Katara and Sokka from the Last Airbender. Milena's a huge fan, and she even draws the characters in a little sketchbook from the show. I think there's a little Napoleon Dynamite in her. Where's the liger? ;) Of course, Vincent is down for whatever. I actually scored some liscensed Stride Rite airbender boots like Katara wears. She is thrilled. Vincent puts on his little timberland looking boots and calls them his "air-benner boots."

    A cute costume I saw the other day was a bunch of grapes. A brown shirt and pants with purple balloons attached somehow. I don't know how practical that is, but cute and affordable.

    I'll keep thinking. Also, I'm bummed you won't be at the parade either :( Can't you use your connections to get the date changed? ;P I thought you had the inside track up there at 3Rs ;)

  2. So I will not denounce you all as friends or godparents but I have to admit...I was not even that far along in the picture! Fun times!! Halloween costumes are so hard! My neighbor who has three boys told me yesterday that she has some old costumes in her closet. Do you want me to check to see if she has anything in a size 2?

  3. I'm not creative at all and would NEVER attempt to make my own costume...but Pottery Barn Kids has some absolutely precious ones right now (with matching treat bags) and they're on sale! If we hadn't already decided on our Halloween theme over a year ago (Wizard of Oz with Reagan as Dorothy)...I would totally get Reagan's costume there! I've actually considering just buying one for next year...they're so cute!

  4. Fireman! No brainer - he will love it, easy to find, and easy to peel off layers if hot.

    Peyton J

  5. I think he should be a scientist or a doctor that finds a cure for diseases ! White button up shirt, glasses, pocket protector, beaker with dry ice. Whatever he is...he will be precious! -bree gibson vopelak

  6. I think the fireman idea is great! b/c it's what he loves right now