Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Semi-Positive Polly

So I'm not going to lie, today still sucked, but it's ok. We move on, each day right now should be awesome because I get to see my little buddy - happy and healthy (minus a cough that has me paranoid right now). I made an appt. with the IVF clinic to discuss egg donor options. Oct. 20 is the appt, but again, just research. Not planning to get the petri dish out any time soon.

At the last minute Neil and I were able to grab our awesome neighborhood babysitter, likely one of the sweetest girls in the world, and escaped for a quick dinner tonight. It was much needed and one of those really relaxing good meals.

We decided we're going to get Will a real big boy bed and new room "stuff" in the next few months. What 2 year old doesn't want a new set of sheets and comforter for Christmas? :-) We're going to leave the guest room as such and turn his cute nursery into a big boy room. I suppose it's time to let our little boy grow up.

Though, he still loves him some baby! During a trip to my parents house this past weekend, Will showed Cameron how to work this toy, and enjoyed himself too. Cameron loves spitting up and Will is like the spit up patrol. Always ready to get the burp cloth and wipey. He's going to be an awesome big brother in his big boy room. Just need to make sure Will doesn't fall on the new baby and squash it :-)

I just love the expression on my future godson's face... Cameron is like, do what?? What is this big guy doing under here with me?

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