Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writer's Block

Writers block is in full effect for this blog, thankfully I suppose that means things are calm. So I'm going to do what I do at work, just start filling the screen and then edit it down and hope I didn't waste my time. Only on the blog I promised myself I wouldn't edit my thoughts, just spelling and some grammar. :-) Good luck reading this posting!

It's almost been 4 months since we found out. I'm sure people are sick of hearing me be sad, upset or feel like it's a never ending saga that is now our life. I'm getting tired of it myself. What to do though? On another blog I frequent someone posted this poem called "Normal" - I'm not ready to post it here. It's mostly a poem about the new normal is like after your child dies. A lot of it is still relevant to just a special needs child, just hit me in the gut and made me realize that our new normal really is just different and never going away. Our friends and family will either accept it, leave us or ignore it and never really want to know or care to understand, which the last one is kind of like leaving us. Eye opening really.

We brought Will up to meet Dr. Mark (our mental therapist) this morning. It was nice to connect the two for me visually. Will pretty much didn't leave my lap, but when it was time to go he gave Dr. Mark two of the best hugs I've ever seen. It made my heart heavy but happy.

There are two new people I now run "life choices" by - Dr. Koenig (mito dr.) and Dr. Mark.

Neil is going to spend the weekend in Austin with his brother so Will and I are heading to my parents house for a weekend of fun, pumpkins and likely lot's of photos. I'll be posting some fun ones.

I still haven't finalized the Halloween costume..... I am too competitive with myself. That mustache from last Halloween was really unbeatable. I feel like something generic like a devil or cowboy is just so blah haha.

Rambling thoughts from the Martin house tonight.


  1. I know what you mean about Halloween costumes. Such a hard decision. I will say our boys' first year costumes were pretty spectacular. Maybe not creative, but so cute. :) This year, Colton said he wanted to be Nemo and he wanted Cami to be Bruce the shark. So, that's what we're going with. Any thoughts on how to make a shark girlie?? XOXO


  2. I think about that all the time...how you guys might wake up in the morning feeling like everything is normal and then bam...it hits you again, I don't know what I would do. Just remember that for as many people that 'leave' there will be many more that stay and fight the fight with you guys, and we will be a sounding board for you whether you are positive polly or bitter betty because we know that underneath it is loving Lori. Thinking of you often.

  3. I can speak for my family and tell you that we are with you through this in any way that you need us! We love yall and want to know every detail of your journey so we can continue to pray and hopefully be supportive. We may not always have the perfect words but know that we love yall and are here always!! XOXO