Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bullying the Autistic - in their own classroom

Father wires autistic son, discovers teachers bullying students

This might be one of the most disgusting cruel, heartless and downright rotten display of human beings on Eearth. 

It's a 17 minute long video and worth every single minute. All I can say is karma people...
I signed the petition - there is a link on the YouTube video.


  1. I saw that the other night. Appalling :( I will say though as someone who works in many of these classrooms, I've NEVER seen that. So most parents can take comfort in that I hope! That dad is awesome to expose this, and shame on the district for not firing ALL of them.

  2. I saw this when it got posted and it totally made me sick to hear it. I can not believe that anyone could get away with such horrible, disgusting behavior. Why do I feel like if it had happened in a maintstream class there would have been serious hell to pay for all of those teachers and aides? How can we send our kids to school with any kind of confidence? Good for the little boy who in is own way exposed what was really happening to him and his peers. Kids know way more than we give them credit for even if they can't communicate it through "normal" means.