Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heaven, Hell and Ear Tubes

It’s almost Easter and I’ve been reflecting a lot on spirituality, heaven, God and how it all comes together. I’m so angry with God, the universe and our bodies. One day my anger will subside enough to keep figuring things out because I’m selfish and I want to be with Will and our family in the ever after. All these answers will come with time and it’s good to think about.
The four things I pray for, usually in this order:
-for a cure in Will’s life
-if no cure, for God to take Will home swiftly whenever it’s time. Let his life drag out and be full of joy, but please don't put him through more suffering at the end.
-for strength – for me, Neil, Will, our families, friends and strangers
-for peace
I’ll add in my prayer list this week that Will is getting his second round of tubes put in on Thursday. Keep him safe and let him come out of the surgery strong.
Someone who I admire very much told me the other week as we contemplated spirituality and showing Will the path to Heaven, “Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell; spirituality is for those who've already been there." – I don’t know what I think of this statement, but there is something about it that I know I like. Pretty sure we’re in hell right now. It’s not what I expected.
I finally downloaded some pictures off the camera... Random shots!
Will "the duck" and Carson "the puppy dog" post bath.

Caroline & Will before the Rodeo Parade.


  1. I think most of us coast through life on cruise control..not fully appreciating what we've been given. I can honestly say that I am a better person because of Reagan and what she's been through, and I know so many others would say the same thing. Reagan has touched more lives and brought more people closer to God in her 5 years than I have in 35! I'm sure many of your family and friends would say the same thing about Will! I know this is a horrible disease, but sometimes you just have to focus on the positives and take each day as it comes, otherwise grief and worry will consume you!

    Matthew 6:34
    So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

  2. This Thursday, as in tomorrow?? It will go great. I'll be thinking about you guys and will add it to MY prayer list as well. XO


  3. Dear Lori:
    Will is in my prayers every day, several times a day. I will pray for extra grace for all of you during the surgery and after. Thank you for sharing your specific daily prayers with all of us; now we can pray with you. I wish there was more that any one of us could do. The quote is thought provoking. I just wish there was no such thing as hell.

  4. I'm just so sorry...will be praying alongside you.


  5. My prayer is for everyone you all encounter will compassionate and knowledgeable. Swift and fast recovery. Just know how much we love you all. Ms.V