Friday, April 13, 2012

Unbelievable - AFO problems again

It's happening again... getting new AFOs aka "boots" for Will is proving to be, yet again, an extremely frustrating nightmare. See link above to previous post.

April 2 - Dr. appt to get prescription for new AFOs
April 13 - Prescription has STILL not arrived at the new orthodics place (Will never go back to TMC Orthopedic) I've called at least two times a week.
May 3 - Couldn't get an appointment just to get measured at new place, Dynamic Orthotics for these dang things until May 3.

By the time I get these new boots for Will his little toes (ok, they are huge finger toes just like mine and Neil's) will be over the edge.

I should have probably started this process earlier, but for various and lengthy reasons I simply didn't make the calls I should have. Bad mommy advocate! My only hope is that the new orthotic place won't screw up the delivery like the old one did.

Love pulling up old pictures these days!

Age 23 Months - Look at those cheeks!

Age 28 Months - Funny Cousins with shorts on their heads

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  1. Ugh- what a mess. What is it with places like this?! We've had nothing but nightmare experiences with our medical supply company who sends us our tube supplies. Hope this gets resolved quickly and painlessly!