Monday, April 23, 2012

My little bunny

Well, I’m behind on blogging but there is a very good reason why – my little bear turns 3 tomorrow! More on that later…
Will was able to do THREE egg hunts this year, one at school, one at my office and one at my parents house with the fam. I should mention that I was so distracted with Will’s ear tubes surgery happening on Holy Thursday that I neglected to realize that his school was closed on Good Friday. It worked out well, as we do an annual Easter egg hunt at my office so Will came along. 
So, Will came to work with me and thought he was big time. Ate lunch at the lunch table with everyone and made a few phone calls. He asked me on Saturday if he could go to mommy’s office.
I will let the photos do all the talking.

Thanks Aunt Julie AKA Easter Bunny for helping me out this year with special eggs for Will and fun surprises!


  1. Happy birthday to your precious boy!

  2. He is flippin adorable. Love that smile with the mischevious eyes!