Monday, April 16, 2012

Home Brewed Meds?

I just read this article on ALS patients brewing their own medicine in their homes. While I would never brew up a batch of meds for Will, I certainly understand how and why these people are taking a risk. They know they are going to die, likely soon, why not try it?


  1. Interesting! You know Kyle's Pawpaw died from ALS, horrible disease!! ...aren't they all though!

  2. this makes me sad. people should be able to access experimental drugs if they are in this kind of shape. I suppose the reason why they can't is because it opens a gray area for those not in such dire shape....but still sucks. I'd be nuts if there was something on the horizon that seemed to work, but I couldn't get. wish we could do what is reasonable and not be so mired in red tape sometimes.