Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Boy Bed

We finally finished! During the Christmas break we made multiple trips to IKEA and got Will his big boy room all done. Neil with his trusty helper assembled a bed, dresser and 16 cubby shelf unit. The big question is, does he sleep in it?

Well, Neil and I have a bit of a problem. Since Will was diagnosed, we started a badddd habit. We would let Will get in bed with us whenever he or we wanted. We just wanted him near us every second possible. We didn't want to look back in 2, 5, 10 or however many years we have and regret it. So, now that reality has sort of sunk in, we're trying to break us all of the habit. Consistency is key. My brain tells me that, but my heart just wants to snuggle. So, some nights the heart wins. At any rate, the toys are much better organized.

The old "baby" room.

Daddy's "helper"

Final touches

Super star!

Toy shelf - what a mess of plastic.

Singing in bed to mom.


  1. OK, so you must have been reading my mind because for some reason I thought Will was already out of his crib and when I saw you today I was going to ask how the heck you did it. I've tried Kat in her bed without the side and we get the whole walking in our room thing going on and not sleeping. We ended up putting the side back on. So what's your secret? And by the way, kids don't want to snuggle forever so I say who cares if he's with you guys or not :-) Plus it looks like Will's bed is big enough for an adult + Will (good job thinking ahead).

    I have to confess that my kids also won't drink milk out of anything except a sippy-cup like nipple (Kat) or bottle nipple (Erik). Juice, water, anything else - totally fine in a regular cup but milk is a no-go (and another confession - I'm still feeding them formula as they refuse to drink cow's milk, even when mixing 1/2 and 1/2). I just purchased $15 worth of straw cups tonight to try on them for the next couple of days. I know they're going to rebel. I guess the point is we all have our weaknesses. For me it's getting sleep, so that means bottles and semi-regular in-bed snuggles. Oh well. Ask me in 6 months how it's going.

  2. It looks awesome! And for what its worth, we just got Vincent out of our bed and thats only because he has a trundle bed in his room and his sister is in there with him. I was totally anti-co sleeping with Milena, and she did fine in a crib. Vincent not so much. I tried cry-it-out one time and vowed never to do it again. He cried so hard he threw up on himself and we were all traumatized. We have a king sized bed, and I really didn't mind him coming in. So he would start off the night in his crib, and then come in with us in the middle of the night. Later when he moved to his big boy bed, same thing (except I didn't have to go get him). Big sister caught on, and she started coming in too. Michael tried to dissuade her, but I REALLY didn't want her to feel jealous, and it was kinda fun having the whole family together. She had the old crib mattress on the floor next to the bed. At my parents house, they slept in their own room and we decided that they should probably continue when we got home. We had one tear filled evening when we broke the news to Milena, but they've done fine. Truth be told, Vincent would still be in our bed if he was an only child because I think its just sad to sleep alone ;) Since he has his sister, we're cool with it. So, I think its not a bad habit at all. I know a lot of people who co-sleep. One of my very traditional friends (who you would not peg as a co-sleeper) did it because she worked full time and it was a way of bonding with her little guy. I totally get it. That said, if you want your privacy back, you could try a twilight turtle or some other incentive to make the room cooler than yours. Milena and Vincent are SO over the top. They have a twilight turtle and a sound machine. And EVERYTHING has to be a negotiation. So Vincent likes the car driving sounds and the green twilight. Milena likes the ocean sounds and the blue twilight. So every other night, one chooses the sound and the other chooses the color and then we switch. The latest thing is that they are on me about which way the moon is facing on the ceiling and want me to adjust the position of the turtle so that the moon is facing like a smile or like a frown. Seriously?! they are just ridiculous;) I swear they must be plotting in there to figure out the latest anal retentive monkey wrench they can throw at me. haha. The room looks amazing!!