Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello again!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, which is somewhat unlike me. I guess I’ve been in a personal thoughtful place about planning our future and not know when our time with Will is going to expire.
Since Christmas, we’ve spent a more “intense” time with Will. We’ve had a long weekend here and there, plus the Christmas break. It’s hard to let go and get back into a routine of not seeing him every day.
You hold him and you want to hold him so tight to seize the moment, but all the while you feel it slipping away. Very bittersweet.
He has a bit of a cough right now, which puts me on pins and needles with worry. No fever, not even a runny nose. So what the heck is it?? It’s not a croup cough; it’s not in his chest. ??? Ug.  Something is going on with his body that is taking energy from other places where he needs it to recover from this cough.
After realizing that for the past two weeks, Will has only had 3 BMs on his own, the others have been with a suppository, I decided to research some other options than Miralax and suppositories. About the same time I was introduced to a new mito mom and as we compared notes, she recommended L-Reuteri for his constipation.
We tried it at night and the following day he had a BM. Or as Will yelled to everyone at school, “ME BIG POO POO in POTTY” – clearly we make a big deal of poo poos in our house, especially when they are in the potty. He was mighty proud of himself and I was mighty happy. Hopefully we continue to see results.
In Energy For Life walk news, we’ve had a flurry of new people and donations coming in. We’re now just a $2,000 away from the $10,000 goal and I would love to exceed that. Seeing names of strangers, friends and family as part of our walk has given me inspiration, unexpected joy and a sense of hope that maybe one day there really will be a cure and that it will be in our baby’s lifetime. Excuse me, in our big boy’s lifetime. He’s not a baby anymore!
Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to UMDF:
Sally Allen
Christina Almy
Jack Beck
Jennifer Bersani
J.B. & Nicole Brafford
Marian Brinkman
Divya Brown
Ruby Busker
Vanessa Cadena
Alexa Castillo
Oscar Castillo
Brittany Chabolla
Jennifer Cheng
Tim Chuang
Victoria Clites
Maria Contreras
Douglas Dawson
Jean Davies-Jones
Emma Doss
Patricia Edwards
Ryan Ermis
Maxine Eichner
Darla Fanelli
Mike Fann
Carrie Fielder
Tate Fraske
Wren Fraske
Lois Girten
Jeremy Gonzales
Veronica Gonzales
Michael Gracia
Dan Grady
Mary Hatala
Kenneth Haynie
Elizabeth “Susie” Hernandez
Joel Hernandez
Andrea Jiles
Jody Kerwin
Carlton Kon
Lauren Lindsay
Pamela & Matt Merhan
Ashley McCormick
Scarlett McDowell
Steven McDowell
Anthony Nguyen
Kristina Ortega
Jake, Emily & Luke Parsons
Judith Perales
Craig, Tahra, Caroline & James Peterson
Jody Philley
Sengkeo Phrasavath
Joseph Rafferty
Teresina Rafferty
Stephanie Riceman
Monica Sanchez
Marissa Serna
Victoria Serna
Greg Scogin
Jennifer Scogin
Gracie Sims
Gary Stinnett
Brian & Teena Stoker
Claire Thielke
Devin Torrez
Marcus Torrez
Kenneth & Janae Tsai
Liane Tsai
Stephen Tsai
Joe Ueng
Sylvia Wagman
Christina Wang
Amber Whittenton
Renee Winder
Hard to believe this was Will at 1 year old. His knees locked and not even able to cruise, walk or stand independently. We've come a long way. This past Christmas marked the 1 year milestone of how long he's been able to walk independently.

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  1. OMG, I love Will's potty announcement at school! That is classic. So exciting about the fundraising as well. Where There's A Will There's A Way is in first place now for Houston, right? YAY!