Monday, January 30, 2012

Mito Carrier Update

I have been negligent in announcing some very exciting results! You might remember from a few posts ago, that the cause of Will’s mito disorder comes from a genetic mutation that is only passed down through the mother’s egg. (it’s different for other types of mito, this statement is relevant only to Will).
So, my grandmother, my mom’s mom, was tested to see if she too is a carrier of the Mito mutation. If she was, then my mom’s three sisters and one brother and all their children and grandchildren would be at risk for having the same mutation. I think that would have been nearly 20 people.
My grandmother tested negative for the mutation! Yeah! So you might wonder how this even happened to us? Apparently, when the egg and sperm meet up they both bring some sort of “gene mutation cleaner” with them. There is some organism that is supposed to clean up any of the abnormalities while the baby is the womb. There’s a very rare chance that those things don’t work, and then an even more rare chance that the mutation is passed along. So here we are, a rare species over here. I’m sure there are more scientific ways to explain this, but I’d have to do a lot of googling.
In other news, another round of thank you’s to those who are signed up for the Energy For Life walk. I can’t believe it’s on Saturday! The weather is supposed to be perfect.
Joey & Elizabeth Borski
Monica Danna
Cara Durnin
Debbie & Roy Henderson
Kim Humrichouse
Manith Kong
Debra & Greg Kaul
Colton & Camryn Klingensmith
Graham, Amie & Taylor Mitchell
Dianne & Danny McCormick
Cari Morgan
Diana Morris
Scott Mosley
Stacey Murchison
Nancy Pike
Waco Rainey
Erin Saladino
Mark Stevens
Alexis Thorne
Andrew Yang
Carrie, Cody, Brennar, Brody & Breyton Zobac
If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time. And don't forget, we're going to Berryhill in the Heights on 11th street if you'd rather just meet up there.

Neil and I went to New Orleans this past weekend for what was possibly the most fun wedding ever. Will stayed with my parents and they all went to IHOP after church and got balloon hats (above). Carson and Will had a blast and Will came home pooped and ready for bed.

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  1. that picture is ADORABLE. and I'm super thrilled that Berryhill is our party spot because they are awesome with all my stupid food intolerances. One of the few places I can eat these days. Can't wait to get this party started at Baskin Robbins tonight. I hope this dang weather clears up, so more folks come party with the coolest team ever.