Friday, January 6, 2012

Energy For Life walk update

Team "Where There's a Will..." a few updates for our teams festivities!

Team t-shirts have been vetoed off my island, too hard this year. So, whatever the mood / weather strikes you on Feb. 4 - go for it! Get crazy if you want, make a shirt, wear a fun hat, feather boa or whatever suits your fancy. You also can purchase Energy For Life walk t-shirts on the website.

We are going to do green bandannas so everyone will be able to identify the group. Additionally, Will's school is making a banner and doing all the kids hand prints! THANK YOU!! If the mood strikes you to do a banner or sign, go for it!

My mom happens to know the owner of the Berryhill in the Heights on 11th street, so we're organizing some post-walk gathering at the Berryhill. So please join us for that if you can. More details coming, courtesy of the work of the wonderful Elyssa Horvath! I'm hoping it will be a time to visit and celebrate life!

I might pay you some money if you show up looking like these guys...


  1. oooh, facepaint might be a fun idea. milena would love that ;)

  2. We can't wait to see yall!! LOVE YOU!!