Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Company You Keep

So, for all of you non-technical people (I am still one of them) as the blog manager of this blog I can actually see how many times a day people look at the blog and from what country and other random things I really don't bother with.

I am proud (??) to say we have had more than 10,500 page views. I'm guessing 90 percent of those are from me, Neil and our family. But, we also have 50 committed followers who receive an email every time a post goes up. To me that is just nuts - so thank you loyal family and friends for finding the COURAGE to live this journey with us. You don't realize how your comments put a smile on our face - that you care enough to participate in a meaningful and genuine way.

I really started this blog so I didn't have to explain, re-explain and then send an email to our families and now here we are with people in Singapore reading the blog. I still laugh a little (sometimes out loud) to myself that I actually am finding time to do this.

In an effort to help new and old readers know what's going on, I started a new page "Will's (unwritten) Story" which details in broad brush strokes his story so to speak. I won't be updating it frequently, but as major things happen or as a lot of time goes by I will keep it broadly current.

My new favorite Will quote...

Me: Mommy and Daddy love Will forever and ever and always.
Me: Will, how much do mommy and daddy love you?
Will: everrrr always

Just melts my heart.


  1. we think about and pray for you guys everyday, and we will continue to send the positive vibes from San Antonio - the Sims family

  2. Awww that melts my heart too! What a sweet angel! I love yall!!!

  3. aww. he is a doll. what a nugget!

  4. How precious! He sure knows how to tug at those heart strings!

  5. Errr Always. Soo sweet. Love y'all!
    -Katie B.