Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Will has been discharged from Ms. Risa's helpful chewing therapy because he is now a chewing machine. Likely, if you ask Ms. Risa, I am the one who is being discharged. She's been like a security blanket for me.

You see your child choke just one too many times and you realize you never did that *&%$# CPR class while you were pregnant and can't remember the one you did when you were 16 and you really start having a panic attack.

So, I have been cautious to say the least. She would encourage me to add texture, make the pieces bigger etc. I would slowly SLOWLY come around to that and little by little realized that Will can handle bigger stuff.

In my defense, I didn't think it was fair to his teachers to send food to school that he might choke on, so I was slowly adding the stuff in at home and once I was certain he could do it by himself, then I would start sending it to school. Whatever, I'm here now. :-)

Gone are the days of cutting up blueberries! He can eat an entire raspberry now.

I was reflecting on this with Neil the other night. For whatever reason there is a specific conversation I've always had in my head with another mom. Her daughter is right about Will's age and about a year ago we were at their house eating dinner and she said, "isn't it funny how the kids chew so exaggerated, kind of like cows." I of course agreed and laughed and secretly wondered if I'd ever really know what she was talking about - Will was no where near chewing like her daughter.

Well, now, a year and a few months later, I KNOW!! :-)

Thank you so much Ms. Risa. My only regret is that you escaped me without a picture. I'm going to work on fixing that though!

I took these pictures the other morning when he was asking for more food to eat for breakfast. Sad little face, how can you say no to that!


  1. Congratulations on your chewing success! What a relief, I'm sure. I swear I have spent the last 3 years thinking mostly about what the kids are going to eat. At least you have more options to choose from now:) With that face he will be getting cake and ice cream for every meal! Thinking of you all often!

  2. YAY! Go will go! I love the thought of you being the one discharged. haha. What an amazing milestone to achieve. Congrats!