Monday, November 21, 2011

Disney on Ice

A few weeks ago a dear friend asked if we'd be interested in tickets to see Disney on Ice. I said, sure, sounds like fun and if Will is an animal at least no one will know us. We ended up getting four tickets - me, Will, my sister Julie and her oldest son Carson.

The show was awesome! I was really impressed with the whole thing and Will and Carson had a great time. The most awesome part were our seats - which was a huge surprise. We picked up the tickets at will call and were shocked to find out we were basically on the front row!

Big shout out and thank you to Kay Vincent and Jean! You guys rocked our whole weekend.

Will was largely obsessed with the toy that the kid in the row behind us had. So of course, me being a dragon mom, purchased one of these overpriced, but yet mesmerizing toys for Will during intermission. He was ecstatic. I don't know how much he saw of Peter Pan because he was so focused on his new toy.


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  1. so cool! glad you enjoyed it. I too have bought overpriced crap at Disney on Ice. Milena got a spin light like that at Elmo Live and Michael proclaimed it a piece of junk and that thing STILL WORKS. that was like 3 years ago ;)